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Why Select Total Team Construction as Your Trusted Construction Partner?

Don't settle for a contractor when you can benefit from working with a trusted construction partner

Total Team Construction will become your trusted construction partner through a combination of our project approach, superior communication, flexible project delivery methods, project funding assistance, our mission, and our vision.

Our Project Approach

Our project approach is based on teamwork. Projects are most successful, and even enjoyable, when the entire project team, which includes the Owner, Architect, Construction Manager, subcontractors, and vendors, are all working together to accomplish shared goals. You will benefit by this team approach as your goals will be achieved and your project will be a success.

Superior Communication

Communication is critical to the success of every project. Listening and understanding your vision for your project is key to project success. We listen, propose solutions, and then communicate the solutions to the project team to achieve your vision and goals. This allows you to focus on your revenue generating business and have the confidence that your construction project will be completed to achieve your vision.

Flexible Project Delivery Methods

When you work with our project team, you can benefit from our flexible project delivery method. You select the project delivery that best meets your cost, quality, and schedule goals and requirements.

“Open Book”

The Total Team Construction “Open Book” contract method will provide you with the greatest value and the most expeditious schedule. You will have the ability to know and manage all project costs as each cost is clearly itemized and identified. All construction trade work is competitively bid, the general conditions are defined and managed closely, and our overhead and profit are shown separately. You have the ability to compare all parts and pieces of the project prior to your budget approval. You then have an option to “lock” the general conditions and overhead and profit when you approve the budget. The Total Team Construction “Open Book” contract method is especially advantageous to expedite a tight schedule. In lieu of traditional hard bidding, you can fast track the bid process and your overall schedule to save months of time. When you expedite the schedule, you can begin your revenue generating business sooner. Therefore, you can reduce project costs and improve revenue and cash flow generation.


When you select the Total Team Construction Design/Build process, you select from our network of Architects that have the project experience and expertise to achieve your building goals at the best price. The Architect that you approve is hired to become part of the project team. By having Total Team Constructionand the Architect involved at project inception, you can further reduce project costs and accelerate the project schedule.

Traditional Hard Bid or Short List Bid

If you have already hired your Architect, we will gladly work with them to achieve your project goals. For select projects and clients, we will work on a lump sum or competitive bid basis. While the majority of our projects are completed on an “Open Book, Design/Build” basis, we appreciate that you may utilize the traditional hard bid or short list bid system.

Project Funding Assistance

It can be challenging at times to obtain project funding and financing to achieve your project and pro forma goals. With that in mind, we may be able to help.
Total Team Construction has a network of third party partners that provide private capital for real estate and construction. This type of financing is typically available for bridge loans or for projects over $1,000,000. We will gladly make introductions to our partners and assist you with the process.
  • Conventional Financing
Total Team Construction has relationships with many conventional banks and credit unions that provide financing for real estate and construction. The type of financing and terms can vary greatly from institution to institution. We will gladly make introductions to our partners and assist you with the process.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to establish and continue long-term business relationships with our project teams and clients, to be proud of our work, to enjoy what we are doing, to have a positive impact on our environment, and to be successful at work and home. Our vision is to build and make the world we live in a better place.